Looking At Mattress Reviews To Find A Great Mattress For Both Of You

If you are looking to get a new mattress that can be satisfying to both you and your partner, we recommend that you not take the process lightly.  You should do lots of research, read mattress reviews, and shop around to make sure you know that you are getting the best mattress for both of you.

First, you must decide what things you like, what your different preferences are, and so forth to be able to start honing in on a general idea of what type of mattress you may want to get.  There are certain mattress types that are more ideal for couples, so keep that in mind when you are looking around.  For example, there are beds like Sleep Number that allow each partner to adjust the firmness of their side of the mattress.  There are other mattress options like Helix that allow you to customize each half of the bed to the preferences of each partner.

couple in bedAs part of your research, you should take a look at as many mattress reviews as possible.  You can read the reviews and ratings from individual bloggers, and you can also take a look at aggregator sites where you can read a lot of customer experiences all at once.  What we would recommend you do is to take a look at as many different reviews as possible.  The reason we say this is because liking a mattress is such a personal decision.  It really depends on so many factors that you can’t easily say that because someone else liked the mattress, you definitely will too.  Some people prefer firmer mattresses.  Some like memory foam over innerspring.  Some people sleep only on their side, while others sleep on their back and stomach.  There are a lot of factors that go into why someone might like or dislike a mattress.  With that said, you should read a lot of reviews for each brand to try to get a more overall consensus.

When you are taking a look at different mattress ratings from different people, you should also keep in mind a few things that are specific to people who sleep with a partner.  For example, you should look for mattresses that are good with motion isolation.  That just means that when your partner moves around in the bed, you won’t really be able to feel it.  High density memory foam mattresses are known for being good with motion isolation, while other types of mattresses are not.  Just be on the lookout for mentions of this when you are reading the different reviews, because you don’t want to be disturbed by your partner’s movements in the middle of the night.

You also will want to see if a mattress is good for sexual activity.  Usually this means that the mattress has good bounce, stays quiet, and doesn’t heat up too much.  This is a little more subjective, but it’s another thing you will want to look out for when you are reading different reviews of brands.

The overall advice is to take each individual review with a grain of salt.  Try to read as many as you can, so that way you can get an overall consensus and a pretty good feeling as to whether you will like the mattress or not.

Make the most of your mattress time

Many couples having issues need a time to connect, a special time during the day where they really focus their energies on each other.   Maybe this is during dinner.  Maybe it’s over a cup of coffee in the morning.  It could even be a weekend brunch, or some time before church on Sunday.  However, many people choose to make their special time in bed.

This can happen either in the morning immediately after waking up or in the evening immediately before falling asleep.  It really depends on your sleep schedules and preferences.  The important part is that you really focus your energy on each other as soon as you hit the mattress.  Leave your phones in another room, no books, just look into each other’s eyes and communicate.  This should be a special time for you.  If you do this in a special place, like on the mattress, then you will instinctively connect any time that you return to that special place.  If you want some inspiration, check out the company Slumber Sage.  Learn more about them on Facebook and youtube as well!

Just a quick thought today, but make your relationship matter on the mattress.  Snuggle up under those sheets and connect.  We’re here for you!


Mattress Matrimony – Finding the best mattress for a relationship

There are a lot more ways that one can consciously be a better sleep partner.  However, there are some things that are entirely out of one’s conscious control, such as tossing and turning.  This is often done when the mattress does not suit your preferred sleeping position.  For example, if one spouse sleeps on their side and the mattress is very firm, they are going to become sore in the night and end up moving around quite a bit.

This is a negative because it disturbs both the affected partner and the spouse, because it’s hard to sleep well when there is someone tossing and turning next to you in bed.  Thus, it’s important for all to be involved in the buying of a mattress.  This is a mattress buying guide for couples such that you can live together happily in mattress matrimony.

Know what type of sleeper you are

There are a number of tests available to tell you what type of sleeper you are.  Both spouses should take this test so that they know what they are dealing with.  If the spouses are the same type of sleeper, then it’s a more simple process; simply find the best reviewed mattresses available that suit your sleeping preferences and go from there.  However if the spouses are totally different types of sleepers, it becomes more complicated.

Knowing where to compromise

If you are different types of sleepers, then goths pluses need to remember that if your partner compromises too much in the mattress showroom to make you happy, ultimately you will be the one that suffers.  Thus, make sure that both of you are getting what you need in the mattress.  Talk about materials, about firmness, and about size.  Maybe even think about and adjustable bed?  Then find a mattress that suits you both, and that isolates your movement.

Think about custom mattresses

Custom mattresses are essentially two different mattresses glued together so that both members of the couple get what they need out of the mattress.  You can design each side of the mattress to suit your individual needs.  These mattresses are often significantly more expensive that a regular mattress, but the results are fantastic.  Couples sleep together much more naturally when both of them are having their needs met in bed.

custom mattress and sleeping couple

These were a few examples to get you started about things to think about to improve the sleep experience with your mate.

Mattress Buying Options

A lot of people send us emails asking us where they should buy their next mattress.  As a result, we thought we would put together a quick checklist of options for you.

Big Department Stores

If you live close to a place like Macy’s, they should have a good inventory of available mattresses for you to look at.  At places like this, they will tend to just carry the big name brands.  They won’t, of course, have the new online players there because those are only available online.  If you are looking for an established brand, this might be the place to go.  The salesman probably won’t be quite as knowledgeable as at a specialty store, but they should be able to help you a decent bit.  Definitely watch out for sales, as that would certainly the best option for you to get the best bang for your buck.

Specialty Stores

Here I’m thinking of places like Sleepy’s.  They will have a big selection for you, but again they will tend to only have the bigger brands available for you.  You will get pretty knowledgeable salesman here too.  I would again advise that you wait for sales, as they happen quite regularly.

Furniture Stores

I’m thinking here places like Raymour & Flanagan.  Places like this will have all types of furniture available.  You probably won’t get quite the personal attention from a super knowledgeable salesman.


You can always go to Ikea, but then you will only have Ikea options available to you.


This is the entirely new category that has just been blowing up as of recently.  We are recommending more and more that you give this option a shot, because you can save a lot of money this way.  The retailers have cut out the middleman and have priced their products very favorably to the consumer.

We can’t say what will be best for you.  All are good options for the right people.  You just have to decide what’s going to be best for you.

Mattress Shopping Do’s And Dont’s

Every now and then you come across a funny video related to bedding.  We like Vine a lot, and so we were happy when we came across this pretty funny Vine of a guy bouncing around a bunch of different mattresses at a mattress store.  We are not sure exactly why this person was allowed to do this in the store.  Our guess is that he somehow knows the owner of the store.  Either way, we don’t recommend doing this, as you can easily get yourself hurt.  This isn’t a bad way to test the bounciness of a mattress, however, funnily enough.

Mattresses That Don’t Disturb The Partner

In a previous post, I talked about finding mattress reviews and reading a lot of them on each brand to make sure you get an overall consensus and good idea of whether you are going to like the mattress yourself.  However, this site is mainly dedicated to finding the right bedding products for couples.  Couples sleeping is unique and much different from singles sleeping.  There are a few things you should specifically look out for when talking about getting a good mattress for a couple.

The problem with finding a great mattress for couples is that the weight, preferences, and sleeping positions of both partners most likely will be quite different.  The male may want something that is firmer because he weighs more.  The female may want something softer for the opposite reason.  What are you supposed to do about this?  Well, the most obvious answer would be to find the happy medium.  Maybe you could try to find a mattress that is a little soft according to the male and a little firm according to the female.  This way none of the two partners is too upset.  Relationships are all about compromise, and this should be the case in the bedroom too.

You could also look to a few different options that allow you to customize each half of the bed to the preferences of each partner.  Sleep number is an air mattress that allows you to do this.   You can simply change the firmness of each side of the bed according to your liking.  This very simply solves the problem of different preferences for both sleeping partners.  Sleep Number is just one of several air mattress providers that allows the couple to do this.

There is also a company called Helix that allows you to completely customize two sides of the mattress.  It’s not an air mattress, but the customization goes even further.

Aside from customization and different preferences, it’s great to find a mattress that doesn’t disturb the other side of the bed when you move around.  This is called motion isolation or motion transfer.  You want a bed that is good with motion transfer.  That way when your partner moves around, you won’t feel it.  I would look to something like memory foam for the very best in motion isolation.

Sometimes good motion isolation comes at the expense of not being able to customize the two sides of the mattress.  You’ll have to find that happy medium between the two.  If you do, you’ll be well on your way to finding a great mattress for the two of you!

sleep talking

Talking in your sleep

If you go to a traditional relationship counselor, they are going to try to get you to communicate more.  To discuss your feelings, your emotions, and your aspirations.  This communication can help mend a relationship, and it all comes down to talking more with your spouse.

However, some people take this advice too far, and end up talking in their sleep.  We jest, of course – this is not a decision, but something that happens for a lot of people when in deep sleep.  They may speak gibberish, something that relates to a dream they are having, or something that relates to their subconscious thoughts.

sleep talking

This can be something funny between couples, or it can be something that brings a fight to the bed every time.  The talking might make it so that the other spouse cannot sleep.  Or even worse, it makes it such that couples fight over what was said.  Sometimes a dream may include a different lover, or you may say something hurtful that you would never say when you were awake.  And you are held accountable for these actions, even though you didn’t mean to say anything.

This can be a lot more complicated than a snoring husband, or having a mattress that doesn’t quite suit you.  There is no quick fix for this, but there are a number of sleep methods that may do the trick.  Be confident that over time you will be able to improve your sleep significantly.